Important news! The technology company Nanfor has recently obtained ISO 14001 environmental quality certification, making it a leading company in the technology sector with a proven commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The ISO 14001 standard establishes the requirements for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) that allows companies to measure and improve their environmental impact in their daily operations. Nanfor's obtaining ISO 14001 certification demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Nanfor's EMS implementation was rigorously evaluated by independent auditors, who confirmed that the company meets all the requirements of ISO 14001. This means that Nanfor has demonstrated its commitment to pollution prevention, compliance with environmental regulations and the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

ISO 14001 certification is a significant achievement for Nanfor, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This should give Nanfor's current and potential customers even more confidence in its ability to operate sustainably and responsibly, and to work collaboratively with them to reduce the environmental impact of their daily business.

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