CertifySure Pro

CertifySure Pro (Double Chance Exam plus three individual sessions with expert MCT)

It consists of three one-hour sessions for certification preparation with a certified MCT expert plus double-chance exam fees.

It is aimed at those candidates who, having mastered the subject, understand that they have some shortcomings and want to obtain a personalized pre-evaluation.

CertifySure Pro (Double Chance Exam plus three individual sessions with expert MCT)

Key Points of the Service

  • Personalized Review: One-on-one evaluation of the candidate's level by an MCT expert.
  • Double Chance: Two certification attempts, reducing the pressure of the first attempt.
  • Flexibility: Being able to choose the right time to take the exam.

Service Structure

Diagnostic Session:
  • Identification of the candidate's strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Mock exam questions.
Constructive Feedback:
  • Customized strategies to improve identified weak areas.
  • Provide study materials or resources to review specific concepts.
Exam Tips:
  • Techniques for managing time during the exam.
  • Strategies to address different types of questions.
Continuous support:
  • Possibility of following a line of communication with the MCT expert for doubts that arise during the final review of the candidate (with cost)
  • Access to support materials and updated study resources.
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