Building Resilient Microservices with Istio and Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh (DO328)

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Course Description

Control, manage, monitor, test, and track microservices with Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh.

In the Building Resilient Microservices with Istio and Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh (DO328) course, students learn about installing, monitoring, managing, and resiliency of Red Hat OpenShift® Service Mesh services.

OpenShift designed an enterprise architecture platform that serves many customers, enabling microservices applications to be deployed and scaled efficiently and consistently. However, as architectures grow and become more complex, it is increasingly difficult to define how services interact with each other. Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh comprises three products (Istio, Jaeger, and Kiali) that make it easier to manage interaction between services, track them, and create a visual representation of communication paths.

The course is based on Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform 4.4 and Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh 1.1.

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Summary of course content

  • Install Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh on an OpenShift cluster
  • Implement launch strategies controlling service traffic
  • Provide greater resiliency to services with load balancing and failovers
  • Assess service resilience through chaos testing
  • Apply security standards for services
  • Observe, measure and track network traffic with OpenShift Service Mesh

Audience to which the course is directed

The course is designed for developers who want to implement and tune microservices applications.

Prerequisites for the course

  • Attendance at Red Hat Application Development II: Implementing Microservice Architectures (DO283) or equivalent experience designing microservices applications is recommended, but not required.
  • It is highly recommended that you attend Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes (DO180) and Red Hat OpenShift Development II: Containerizing Applications (DO288) and pass the Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development Exam (EX288), or have with a basic level of experience in OpenShift.

Course content

Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh

  • Describe the basics of microservices architecture and OpenShift Service Mesh.

Observation of a service network

  • Visualize and track an OpenShift Service Mesh with Jaeger and Kiali.

Service traffic control

  • Manage and route traffic with OpenShift Service Mesh.

Launching applications with OpenShift Service Mesh

  • Launch applications using the "Canary" and identical copy strategies.

Assessing Service Resiliency with Chaos Testing

  • Evaluate the resiliency of an OpenShift Service Mesh using chaos testing.

Resilient service design

  • Use OpenShift Service Mesh strategies to design resilient services.

Protecting an OpenShift Service Mesh

  • Encrypt and secure your application services with OpenShift Service Mesh.

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