Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: Configuring a Production Cluster (DO280)

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Course Description

Configure, manage and troubleshoot containerized applications and OpenShift clusters

In the Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: Operating a Production Kubernetes Cluster (DO280) hands-on lab, you will learn how to configure and manage Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, as well as to solve problems associated with the platform. You will also learn how to verify that a cluster is installed correctly, how to manage it periodically, and troubleshoot issues related to deploying containerized applications.

The course is based on Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform 4.10.

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Summary of course content

  • Describe the installation and upgrade processes for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform clusters
  • Troubleshoot application deployment issues
  • Set up authentication with local users
  • Control access to projects using role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Allow clients outside the cluster to access applications using TLS encryption
  • Configure network isolation between services and applications using network policies
  • Configure application scheduling with labels and selectors
  • Reduce application compute resource usage with resource limits and quotas
  • Manage clusters and deployed applications with the web console
  • Install Kubernetes Operators with the web console

Audience to which the course is directed

  • The course is designed for system administrators, system architects, and developers who want to install and configure Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

    • Systems and software architects seeking to understand the features and functions of an OpenShift cluster
    • System administrators interested in ongoing management of clusters and containerized applications
    • Cluster operators who want to manage user and application access to cluster resources
    • Site reliability engineers who are interested in the ongoing maintenance of clusters and the resolution of problems associated with them

Prerequisites for the course

  • Get accreditation Red Hat Certified System Administrator, or demonstrate that you have equivalent experience administering Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems
  • Take the course Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes (DO180), or demonstrate equivalent experience using containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift
  • Take a free evaluation to determine if this offer is the most suitable based on your skills

Course content

Description of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  • Describe the architecture of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP).

Checking the status of a cluster

  • Describe OpenShift installation methods and verify the status of a newly installed cluster.

Configuring authentication and authorization

  • Configure authentication with the HTPasswd identity provider and assign roles to users and groups.

Setting up application security

  • Limit app permissions with security context restrictions and protect access credentials with secrets.

Configuring OpenShift Networking for Applications

  • Troubleshoot OpenShift software-defined networking (SDN) and configure network policies.

Control pod scheduling

  • Control which nodes a pod runs on.

Understanding cluster updates

  • Describe how to upgrade a cluster.

Cluster management with the web console

  • Manage a Red Hat OpenShift cluster with the web console.

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