The Instructor Virtual Training modality is based on participating in a course with a specific schedule, connected with the expert with a content and development of training objectives identical to those of face-to-face training. The participant has the laboratories and practices that the face-to-face student has and during the duration of the course in training sessions identical to the face-to-face training he performs the same practices.

The participant with the expert interacts with the expert through chat, audio, and the elements of sharing applications during class.


This type of support includes all the tools used in the individualized support / Teletraining (Communication system with the asynchronous tutor), plus a wide range of virtual laboratories and live online sessions with our experts (Communication system with the synchronous tutor)



Communication system with the synchronous tutor

  • Online sessionsCoordinated from our virtual learning classroom, being able to share applications that are optimal for the preparation of certifications.  + View a sample online session 
  • Online practices: Made by the participants and supervised by the online tutor. 
  • Online classes: Through a virtual learning environment where students are cited and doubts and questions are resolved.  + View a sample online class  
  • Share applications: For students who do not have technological infrastructure, the tutor in virtual classes can give them the use of their machine to carry out remote practices.  
  • Interactive questions: True-false questions, several options, one option, open question, yes / no they have to answer online and statistics are obtained from the responses of all participants. 
  • Group application analysis: The tutor shows different applications, processes or any element you have on your PC online. 
  • Synchronous activities agenda: To manage activities and meetings, Notes, urls, online file downloads, surveys, audio and video.
  • Group chat, audio and video: Communication with sound, chat and online video between students.
  • Chat with experts: Online communication between students and tutor.
  • Virtual classroom - Blackboard: In the classroom it allows the student to go out and respond to the elements or the expert shows elements or concepts.


Individual sessions

It means that they are tailored to the student's learning objectives and may involve other people in them. 

In the advanced support you have 2 individualized sessions with a certified engineer from each area and authorized for the preparation of the certification as you can see in in the fan area, where there are several preparation sessions of different recorded themes.

With this mode of communication we comply with the ISO 66181 quality standard on quality in virtual training at 5-star satisfaction levels since when connecting online with the tutor, the student receives comments from the tutor immediately and receives micro-content and evaluations to each module.

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