Learning Platform

Teletraining courses are taught through a virtual platform . Here, students can access all course content such as study materials, videos, exercises, and assessments.

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Course content

The main study material is made up of official Microsoft Material and presentations developed by expert trainers for each topic.

Official laboratories

Students have an official laboratory environment for 180 days. These hands-on labs provide hands-on experience using Microsoft technologies and tools.

exam questions

Updated exam questions to help students pass certification exams.

Evaluations and Tests

Students must pass midterm and final assessments to measure their understanding of the material.

Accrediting diploma

Upon completion of a course, students receive a certificate validating their participation and achievements.

Training support

Nanfor offers individualized training support that is based on the "Always by your side" method by which the participant is in constant contact with the support team (24/7), through different communication methods available both in a group or individually. This type of support is compatible with professional activities and allows great flexibility with total customization and technical monitoring of instructors.

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    *Important: The structure and specific components may vary depending on the specific course.