• How are the sessions distributed/organized? (time per session, time available to carry out each session, …)

Online/teleface/Skype/Webminars sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings. Attendance is not mandatory. The call will be sent, it is done by Skype. They are supportive and the speaker comments on topics about the course explained in it, clarifications. Participants can make inquiries via chat. The sessions would be on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m., and on Fridays at 12:00 p.m.

  • Being online, is there a schedule followed? Or can the people who do it self-manage to do it?

It is a self-managed course. Teletraining modality. It is not telepresence. We recommend following a work agenda so that tasks do not accumulate but have open access as the weeks go by.
Registrations to the modules will be done every 7 days.

  • Are there any prerequisites regarding tools that attendees must install? Or will all the tools be available in the cloud?

There are no prerequisites except being aligned with Microsoft in terms of tools.

  • If the training is with your cloud resources, will users/permissions be provided to attendees?

Registrations will be sent as the courses are completed with a registration schedule of 7 to 9 days

  • Will only one voucher be delivered for the first module?

If a voucher is included in the project, participants who wish to complete the entire certification will have special rates for the rest of the vouchers. All project participants could continue their MPP certification by acquiring the exams and completing their certification with our platform integrated with Microsoft. The PVP rate for each certification without teletraining is 195 euros. Participants have an exclusive 50% reduction if they acquire all the exams to complete the certification part and were to complete the final project. To make the purchase, please request it through info@nanforiberica.com

  • What is the difference between taking the course with Nanfor or on the Edx website?
The base content is the same. The main differences are:
- The edX platform is self paced. Only the students themselves participate. There are no tutors.
- The edX platform does not have direct control of people, it is automated.
- The edX platform does not have online sessions
- The edX platform does not have calls or individualized contacts with students
- The edX platform does not have training advice for professional development
- Monitoring of course progress: if it is carried out on the Edx platform, the evidence of the course is obtained at an individual level, there is no information to demonstrate progress or participation to third parties.
- If the certification is carried out with Nanfor, participants have a 20% discount on subsequent database certifications within the MCP program.
  • When will they give me the voucher to redeem for the first course?

It will be delivered when the participant has demonstrated achievement in the 9 courses.