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Course summary

Learn the details of installing Liferay with the Administering Liferay Systems course. Learn how to configure and prepare a large Liferay deployment and explore tools to improve performance. This course covers simple instances, clusters, plugin administration and will prepare you to manage the system in the most effective way.

What can you learn?

At the end of the course, you will know all the possibilities that Liferay offers you, among others:

  • Install Liferay from a bundle
  • Install Liferay from an existing server
  • Configure Liferay through the available properties files
  • Connect Liferay to an external database and mail server
  • Configure Liferay in a clustered development environment
  • Integrate document repositories
  • Offer document previews, conversion and audio/video
  • Integrate Liferay with SSO systems
  • Integrate Liferay with LDAP
  • Tune an installation to achieve better performance
  • Back up a Liferay installation
  • How to update Liferay
  • Maintain Liferay using the patching tool

Course topics


  • Installing a Liferay Bundle
  • Connection to external databases and mail servers
  • Installing Liferay manually on an existing application server
Liferay Settings
  • Server Administration via Control Panel
  • Plugin Management
  • Liferay Marketplace
  • Configuring Liferay Service Oriented Architecture


  • Introduction to Cluster Design
  • Creating a Liferay Cluster
  • Liferay Clustering Principles
  • Setting up Quartz for task scheduling
  • Database Cache Synchronization across your Cluster
  • Clustering of documents and media
  • Search Index Synchronization
  • Configuring a Solr Server
  • Session replication
  • Load balancing using Apache
  • Deploying Plugins in a Cluster

External services

  • Using external services for document previews
  • ImageMagick Settings for High Quality Image Preview
  • Configuring LibreOffice for document conversion
  • Xuggler Settings for Audio/Video Preview
  • Configuring Liferay as a WSRP producer and consumer

LDAP and SSO integration

  • Using LDAP and SSO servers in Liferay
  • Configuring an LDAP server
  • Configuring Liferay with an LDAP server
  • Importing user information from LDAP
  • Integration of an SSO solution with Liferay
  • OpenSSO/OpenAM configuration
  • Authentication in Liferay on an SSO server

Performance Tuning

  • Load tests
  • Profiling
  • Memory management
  • Garbage collector
  • Cache optimization
  • Lucene Optimization
  • Configuring a Content Delivery Network
  • Database Sharing

Liferay Maintenance

  • Liferay Monitoring
  • Backing up a Liferay installation
  • Log Levels
  • Liferay Update
  • Installing Fix Packs Using the Patch Tool

Requirements: Experience installing and configuring application server or servlet container.

Version: 6.2

Hours: 60

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