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Course summary

Mastering Liferay Fundamentals is the basic introductory course to Liferay Portal, which covers the most common use cases of the main functionalities included as standard in Liferay Portal. This two-day course covers the basics of how to get the best experience for your Portal. You will learn how to manage users, generate and display content, as well as how to establish how users access through permissions. This course will equip you with the basic knowledge of how to use Liferay to address your business needs.

What can you learn?

By the end of the course, you will understand basic Liferay concepts such as:

  • Browse through the Portal
  • Manage users through Organizations and User Groups
  • Configure your Portal through the Control Panel
  • How Liferay permissions work beyond the box
  • Apply permissions to users through Roles and Teams
  • Generate and display content through Sites
  • Manage pages with Sites
  • Share resources with the Sites hierarchy
  • How to generate and use Sites and Page Templates
  • What types of content Liferay makes available to you
  • Manage your Document Library
  • How to use Liferay for collaboration
  • Relate contents to each other with the Asset Framework
  • Extend default information with Custom Fields
  • Use Workflows in Liferay
  • How to use Dynamic Data Lists to display information

Course topics

Getting started with Liferay

  • Installing the Liferay Bundle
  • Get familiar with the Liferay user interface
  • Basic portal configuration
Liferay Fundamentals
  • Group and display content using Sites
  • Share content across Site hierarchies
  • How to manage users through organizations and user groups

Manage permissions through Roles

  • What are Permits?
  • What are Roles?
  • Creating and using Roles effectively
  • Delegation of Permits using teams

Basic page management

  • Site Navigation
  • Creation and management of pages
  • Page permission settings
  • Page and Site Templates

Introduction to the Liferay Asset Framework

  • What is an Asset?
  • Assets available as standard in Liferay
  • Add metadata using tags and categories

Basic Web Content

  • Basic web content creation
  • Place and display content
  • Organize content using folders
  • Using the Recycle Bin

Document Management and Multimedia

  • Creating documents in Liferay
  • File and folder storage
  • Add metadata to documents

Facilitating collaboration in Liferay

  • Understanding collaboration tools
  • Collaboration tools management

Improving Networking and Collaboration

  • Score and measure user engagement
  • Allowing users to connect with each other
  • Integration of Liferay with other Social Networks

Connection to external sources

  • Embedding Websites
  • RSS Feed Publishing
  • Use remote portlets

Digging deeper into the Liferay Asset Framework

  • Relate content through the Assets Framework
  • Learn to improve content through the Assets Framework
  • Content Monitoring

Work with custom fields

  • What are custom fields?
  • Creating and using custom fields

Work with Workflow

  • What is a Workflow?
  • Understanding a Workflow process
  • Use of a simple Workflow
  • Additional Workflow Engine Features

Working with dynamic Data Lists

  • What are dynamic Data Lists?
  • Creating a Data List
  • Integration of dynamic Data Lists with Workflow

    Requirements: None

    Version : 6.2

    Hours: 40

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