AI-3003: Build a natural language processing solution with Azure AI Services

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Course Description

To earn this Microsoft Applied Skills credential, students demonstrate the ability to create a natural language processing (NLP) solution using Azure AI Language.

Candidates for this credential should have a solid understanding of creating and using various Azure NLP models through Language Studio and in code, including custom models. They should also have programming experience in Python or C#, be familiar with the Azure portal, and be comfortable provisioning Azure AI resources.



  • Implement a language resource and use pre-built models
  • Create a custom text classification solution
  • Create a custom named entity recognition (NER) solution

Training Route

Develop natural language processing solutions with Azure AI Services

Natural language processing (NLP) solutions use language models to interpret the semantic meaning of written or spoken language. You can use the Language Understanding service to build language models for your applications.


  • Analyze text with Azure AI Language
  • Create question answering solutions with Azure AI Language
  • Build a conversational language understanding model
  • Create a custom text classification solution
  • Custom named entity recognition
  • Translate text with Azure AI Translator service
  • Create speech-enabled apps with Azure AI services
  • Translate speech with the Azure AI Speech service

Previous requirements

Before starting this learning path, you must have the following:

  • Familiarity with Azure and Azure portal
  • Experience programming with C# in Python. If you do not have any prior programming experience, it is recommended that you complete the Getting Started with C# or Getting Started with Python learning path before starting this one.


  • Course: English / Spanish
  • Labs: English / Spanish

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