AI in Power BI


AI in Power BI service

Power BI main components for decision making

How to optimize Power BI with Artificial Intelligence

Use of natural language

Activate decisions with Outcome Analysis

Practical example


Use Cognitive Services in Power BI

Apply Sentiment scoring in Power BI Service

Connect from Power Bi Desktop

Image tagging


Build a Machine Learning Model in Power BI

Get data

Entities Creation

Create and train a machine learning model

Apply the model to a dataflow entity

Using the scored output form the model in a Power BI report


Power BI and Pyhton


Preparing the environment with Power BI and Python

Run Script

Data Source Management: Import a pandas.DataFrame

Power Query Editor: Transform and Augment Data

Plot a static Image of Data

Use an external Python IDE with Power BI

Create Power BI visuals using Python

Intercept Power BI´s Temporary Files

Find and Edit Python Scripts in a Power BI Report