Alteryx: Basics

 Learning objectives

 Understanding Alteryx Designer terminology
 Easily navigate the Alteryx Designer interface
 Get familiar with the designer user and workflow settings
 Connect and update data sources:
 Files and databases
 Dynamically load Excel spreadsheets
 Bulk upload of text files as CSV
 Rename fields manually and dynamically
 Detect and change field data types manually and automatically
 Filter records and use conditional expression to update/add fields
 Merge records from different sources into key fields
 Add fields from one data set to all records in another
 Power Pivot Data
 Added information
 Performing basic calculations
 Replace text within a field 
Using string length and positions
 Parse data from one field into multiple fields
 Working with date/time fields
 Data output to different file formats

In-person course duration: 2 days
Teletraining course: 55 hours
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