Windows 10 Technical Preview Essentials for IT Professionals

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    Operating systems



    Julio García Cano –

    General objectives

    Learn about the improvements in Windows 10, get a technical overview, and discover how these improvements can help you meet your company's IT and security goals (including device management, multi-factor authentication, deployment, and provisioning). an intuitive user interface for end users)


    Windows 10 Technical Preview Essentials for IT Professionals

    01 | Windows 10 Technical Preview Overview

    02 | Windows 10 Administration and Deployment

    03 | Windows 10 Security

    04 | Internet Explorer

    Recommended Resources and Next Steps

    Quality Questionnaire

    Addressed to

    Users who want to know the features of the Windows 10 operating system.


    Hardware: Multimedia PC

    Pentium IV or higher, 1 Gb of memory, sound card, speakers/headphones


    Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Browsers: Explorer 6,7 and 8 or Firefox 2 and 3

    Java 1.5 or higher

    Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or higher

    Javascript enabled

    Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher

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