Increase your sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

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This course aims to show the activities necessary to manage the increase in sales of a business. You will learn how to manage and optimize leads, create marketing pages and forms, manage target market segmentation, optimize contacts from LinkedIn, design customer itineraries with marketing automation, create and integrate events with Teams and conduct surveys.

Unit 1: Lead, Segment and List Management. Integration with LinkedIn

Synchronize Leads from LinkedIn

Score leads

Create customer lists

Marketing Lists


Dynamic and static information

Subscription centers

Opt-in process

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Unit 2: Manage marketing emails

GDPR and Dynamics 365 Marketing

Creating messages

Message design with templates

The email creation and activation process

Creation of emails for later use in templates

Unit 3: Events and surveys

How to plan and manage events

Event planning

Creating registration pages

Management of speakers, rooms, event agenda, invitations, registration control

Management of invitations, waiting lists

Recurring events

Survey creation
Analysis of results

Template survey creation

Unit 4: Marketing Automation and Customer Journeys

A/B testing

The designer

Content, actions, destination

Control Flow: scheduler, trigger, separator, separator branch

Social approaches

Unit 5: Social Posts

Integration with social channels

Media Use

Message scheduling

Flow for publishing messages on social networks

Calendar creation

Alignment of social media campaigns with entity objectives

Unit 6: GDPR and best practices

Domain authentication

Email Best Practice

Data protection and GDPR

GDPR and subscription centers

D365 data and the GDPR

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