Digital transformation specialist certification for Start-ups in the Sports industry

Thanks to the collaboration between Nanfor and the Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft we have the possibility of launching these courses!

A modern sports entity needs to constantly improve. Digital transformation offers immediate solutions that allow increasing the resources of an entity, having "more for less" and increasing the competitiveness of organizations as well as the employability of specialists who acquire this qualification.

Collaborating, connecting with members and fans, improving the club's situation on social networks, attracting more fans, understanding and communicating better with the member are, among others, crucial aspects for optimizing the club's services and improving its results. .

About GSIC

The primary objective of the Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) is to improve the value chain of the sports industry by taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, allowing business connections and becoming a global reference for the sports industry, from start-up to ups to business organizations. The GSIC connects different agents (institutions, administration, companies and universities) to create value in different sectors.

Formative action Addressed to Goals Dispute

» Mixed online action:

  1. In the first phase, a telepresence session will be held that, as a consultancy, will analyze the main milestones necessary for the digital transformation of the sports entity.
  2. The second phase is developed in teletraining mode , there will be online support and access to content that will allow the application of what has been learned to those entities that activate the proposed action plan during the face-to-face sessions. Its duration is 3 months, for 130 hours there will be teletraining sessions that the participant will be able to receive.

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» Addressed to:

Entrepreneurs who wish to learn new solutions and processes for the construction and maintenance of digitally transformed sports entities.

To participate in this action, experience in creating or collaborating with start-ups focused on the world of sports is required.

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" Goals:

  • Increase the number of federations, partners and fans using customer relationship tools, whether for private sports entities such as federations or public entities.
  • Increase the positioning of the entity by optimizing its position on the internet and on social networks
  • Connect to your computer from anywhere, anytime
  • Improve interaction with the club of members, sponsors and fans
  • Increase agility in internal processes
  • Optimize the club's digital collaboration
  • Avoid spending on obsolete technologies
  • Create interactive content
  • Streamline communications, meetings and webinars
  • Use digital tools to build loyalty and attract more members
  • Learn about new digital business models

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" Content

  • Main components of the digital transformation of sports entities.
  • Collaboration and resource sharing.
  • Project management
  • Digital solutions for the communication and dissemination of the sports entity.
  • Work groups: how to increase productivity with OWA
  • Social media management, rapid data collection and analysis
  • Customer engagement and customer service
  • Digital marketing, Marketing automation
  • Digital transformation with an integrated financial system
  • Business Intelligence, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning for the sports entity
  • Optimization of decision making in sports entities
  • Power Apps, building an APP in a day
  • Automating flows with Flow
  • Use of the CDS or Common Data Services for the integrated management of unified information entities
  • Security with email
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Mail redirection
  • Organization of emails by conversations
  • Suggestion management
  • Use of own agendas
  • Shared agenda management
  • Delegation of access for agenda use
  • Share facilities
  • Group calendars
  • Signature management and automatic responses
  • Connecting accounts with social networks
  • Yammer : the entity's private social network main elements
  • Licensed users and guest users
  • Creating internal and external groups with Yammer
  • User records management
  • Creation of interactive content with Office MIX and PowerPoint
  • Using smart search
  • I work with Word on projects.
  • Share applications
  • Management and editing of PDFs with Word
  • Document organization, navigation
  • Share files, manage documents online, work with documents in a remote group in real time in virtual meetings
  • Text box management
  • Style and design management
  • Creating navigation guides and working with titles
  • Creation of URLs for accessibility to information
  • Control of versions and contributions to each document
  • Combination of correspondence
  • Using Contact Lists with Excel
  • Management of target contacts and combined fields
  • Use of the online version of Word, Excel, Outlook and Skype
  • Using dynamic Excel automatic filling of tables. Rapid analysis, data modeling
  • Using advanced graphs and information boxes
  • Using the pivot table wizard
  • Data segmentation and ordering
  • Decision making with Excel Power App and Power BI desktop
  • 3D analysis with Excel
  • Communicating with Skype for Business and Skype Translator
  • Using Yammer and Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Support to students in the use of Microsoft Cloud tools at the user level
  • Advice on innovation and implementation of additional tools
  • Completely eligible for social security contributions for employee training.
  • File management in the cloud with OneDrive : share, organize, manage access, etc.
  • Creating Videos with PowerPoint
  • Information box management
  • Note management, Notes and note searches
  • Synchronize and share notepads
  • OneNote work on mobile devices
  • Management of sections, pages, subpages, design and editing
  • Digital notes and videos
  • Online project management
  • Differences between project managers and online file managers
  • Creation and management of collaboration sites
  • Analysis and allocation of resources, participants, milestones, tasks, dates
  • Applications on collaboration sites
  • Document libraries, wikis
  • Lists, task management, organization with Gants
  • Site mailbox and communication with groups
  • Management of resources and calendars of those belonging to the site
  • Process automation.
  • Process automation applications, approval flows

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Process of acquiring knowledge


Once the participant has learned the concepts, processes and applications for the Fundamentals level, they will be able to take the online certification exam endorsed by The Global Sports Innovation Center and Nanfor Ibérica, with the support of Microsoft.

The certificate is a recognized qualification in the sports sector for professionals who wish to apply the latest technologies to the business processes of the sports entity.

Upon completion of the certification, the participant will be able to carry out diagnoses and develop an action plan for each entity according to its situation in the sector and its development needs.

The knowledge acquired will allow you to evaluate the situation of the entity as well as determine the action plan to be developed, according to the following scheme:

At the end of the training action and the project with the action plan, the participant must pass the certification test that will grant him the Certification in Digitalization of Sports Entities at the Fundamentals level.

During the course you will work with state-of-the-art digital tools and practice them.

Likewise, the participant will have to create an action plan for a real or supposed sports entity that allows their learning to be applied and evaluated.

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