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Certified Associate Business Analyst: (CABA)

The need for improved and more reliable information transfer calls for Software Business Analyst professionals who can effectively bridge the knowledge and language gap between the business and IT communities. Certification is recommended as a means to evaluate an individual's ability to apply the knowledge necessary to bridge that gap. The CABA Certification demonstrates a foundation-level understanding of software life cycle activities and the link between the business and information technology communities.

Acquiring the designation of Certified Associate Business Analyst (CABA) indicates a foundation level of competence in the principles and practices of software business analysis. CABAs become members of an acclaimed professional group, receiving recognition of their competence by business and professional associates, and are afforded potentially more rapid career advancement.

Applicant Prerequisites: (CABA)

To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must meet ONE of three prerequisites listed below:

  • A 3 year degree or 4 year degree from an accredited college-level institution
  • A 2 year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 1 years of experience in the information services field
  • Three years of experience in the information services field


An applicant for certification must adhere to the Code of Ethics that outlines the ethical behaviors expected of all certified professionals by the International Software Certification Board.

Depending upon a compliance sample selected according to program criteria, the applicant may be required to provide upon request detailed education, employment, and reference documentation supporting the information entered in the Customer Portal during the application process. If selected the applicant must supply the required documentation and those who fail to provide the requested documentation may be subject to decertification.