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Course Description: Cisco CCNA Service Provider

The Cisco Certified Network Associate – Service Provider (CCNA SP) Certification focuses on new networking technologies and trends in the Service Provider industry, and validates the ability to configure and implement Next Generation Cisco Service Provider networks. This certification is aimed at Cisco network administrators and technicians who are working in the Service Provider Industry.

    Course contents

    640-875 Cisco SPNGN1

    Courses (19)
    SPNGN1 1.0: Networking Functions
    SPNGN1 1.0: Protocol Suites and the Internet Layer of IP
    Managing IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
    SPNGN1 1.0: The TCP/IP Transport Layer and Internet Security Threats
    SPNGN1 1.0: IPv4 Subnetting and VLSM
    SPNGN1 1.0: Ethernet Fundamentals
    SPNGN1 1.0: Switching Fundamentals
    SPNGN1 1.0: Operating and Securing a Cisco Switch
    SPNGN1 1.0: Switching Infrastructure Connectivity
    SPNGN1 1.0: Switch Troubleshooting and Routing Fundamentals
    SPNGN1 1.0: IOS XR Routers and Distance Vector Routing
    SPNGN1 1.0: EIGRP Configuration and Router Security
    SPNGN1 1.0: WAN Connectivity
    SPNGN1 1.0: Service Provider Edge Technologies
    SPNGN1 1.0: IP Addressing Solutions with NAT and DHCP
    SPNGN1 1.0: PPP and SONET in the WAN
    SPNGN1 1.0: VPN Technologies
    SPNGN1 1.0: Cisco Device Management
    SPNGN1 1.0: Monitoring Network Traffic, Behavior and Administration

    Characteristics of the course modality

    The course has a different structure than those of Microsoft, Linux or ITIL, specifically, it would not be eligible for bonuses.

    The basis of it is self-training with technical content that you could study during the first week, then you would have the laboratories during the following week and the session with the instructor.

    Subsequently, the student would continue for two more weeks reinforcing knowledge.

    The laboratories last one week.

    The trainer is an Engineer certified by Cisco, Huawei and CheckPoint.


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