Office 365 Basics

Office 365 Fundamentals Course


    • Introduction to Office 365
    • Main new features and advantages for the user and the organization
    • File management in the cloud with OneDrive : share, organize, manage access.
    • Security in OneDrive
    • Outlook email: Workgroups: how to increase productivity with Outlook 2016 desktop, browser and mobile version
    • Folder organization in Outlook
    • Security with email
    • Shared mailboxes
    • Mail redirection
    • Organization of emails by conversations
    • Suggestion management
    • Use of own agendas
    • Shared agenda management
    • Delegation of access for agenda use
    • Share facilities
    • Group calendars
    • Task management
    • Signature management and automatic responses
    • Connecting accounts with social networks


    • Departments, teams and projects
    • Share and collaborate
    • Lists and libraries
    • Creation of interactive content with Office MIX and PowerPoint
    • Using smart search
    • I work with Word on projects.
    • Share applications
    • Management and editing of PDFs with Word
    • Document organization, navigation
    • Share files, manage documents online, work with documents in a remote group in real time in virtual meetings
    • Text box management
    • Style and design management
    • Creating navigation guides and working with titles
    • Creation of URLs for accessibility to information
    • Control of versions and contributions to each document
    • Combination of correspondence
    • Management of target contacts and combined fields
    • Using the online version of Word, Excel, Outlook and Skype V 2016
    • Using Excel 2016 automatic filling of tables. Rapid analysis, data modeling
    • Using advanced graphs and information boxes
    • Using the pivot table wizard
    • Data segmentation and ordering
    • Decision making with Excel Power App and Power BI desktop
    • 3D analysis with Excel 2016
    • Communicating with Skype for Business and Skype Translator
    • Creating Videos with PowerPoint
    • Information box management
    • Note management, Notes and note searches
    • Synchronize and share notepads
    • OneNote work on mobile devices
    • Management of sections, pages, subpages, design and editing
    • Digital notes and videos
    • Using Yammer and Microsoft Social Engagement
    • Yammer : the entity's private social network main elements
    • Licensed users and guest users
    • Creating internal and external groups with Yammer
    • User records management

    With Office365 many of the tasks you do today will be easier. If you want your daily work to be more effective and easier, we invite you to learn in detail the advantages of this tool:

    - Faster use of your office applications.

    - Access your files, mail, applications and communications anywhere and at any time, from any computer, laptop or mobile.

    - Avoid trips and trips with Microsoft's Skype online communication application included in Office 365. You will be able to meet and talk with any member of your office and anyone else who has this software.

    - Increase your efficiency with Outlook Exchange email and personal productivity system.

    - Increase the security of your computer and data: Avoid unwanted emails, Spams, viruses and attacks on your computer, since the servers and security filters are in Microsoft systems with a very high level of security.

    - You can create common documents and share them with other people using Office applications in the cloud: without having to have Office installed on your computer, you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

    - Increase your productivity using Microsoft technology to share group activities, tasks, and projects.

    - Share your desktop, make online presentations and teach online classes with Skype for Business

    1. Specific objectives

    Unit 1

    In this unit we will analyze the improvements to Office 365 and how they affect small and medium-sized companies as well as users.

    Unit 2

    In this unit you will see which Office 365 functions improve performance and productivity. It will also be seen how users being in communication can speed up their work. The management of contacts, groups and calendars and their impact on productivity will be analyzed. Finally, an example will be presented in which a user makes better use of their time using these Office 365 functions.

    Unit 3

    In this unit, you'll learn the benefits of Microsoft Office Web Apps—convenient companion applications to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote—that give you the freedom to work with your Office documents from virtually anywhere using a compatible browser.

    Unit 4

    Office 365 can have different impacts depending on the company. One option for users who normally move around is to have a document library for each department. In this way the information is secured and its editing controlled. If users organize themselves to have everything they need in SharePoint then their ability to work will not be affected by their travel.

    Unit 5

    In this unit, SharePoint technology and its advantages together with Office 365 will be better analyzed. More detailed service options will be highlighted and different price plans and the comforts of each one will also be seen.

    Course Description

    The approximate duration of the course is 30 hours distributed between the course content and collaboration tools. When the student completes the course, they will receive an accreditation diploma.

    The type of training is valid for both self-training, teletraining and mixed training.

    The course has been developed with the latest e-learning techniques to achieve maximum interactivity with the student by combining animations and practical cases. It also has adhoc questions to reinforce the student's knowledge and a final knowledge test where the student can check the knowledge acquired. The student will also have the course content in PDF format for downloading and storage, as well as continuous tutoring if the selected modality requires it.

    Course content

    Unit I: Office 365 and its advantages

    1.1. Office 365 for professionals and small businesses.

    1.2. Office 365 for medium and large companies.

    1.3. User-level tasks and their respective tools.

    1.4. User and tool interaction.

    1.5. Improving productivity with cloud services.

    1.6. Familiar tools and their improved functions.

    1.7. Cloud services and benefits for users.

    1.8. Employee collaboration tools.

    1.9. Scenarios for improving productivity in the company when using Office 365 and cloud services.

    Unit review: Exercises.

    Practice: Use Office 365 in the cloud.

    Unit II: Use your email and organize your activity quickly.

    2.1. Organize and work better with your distribution groups.

    2.2. Boost your messages: Global Address Lists.

    23. Grow with contact management.

    2.4. Inform your contacts if you are not available: Automatic responses.

    2.5. Coordinate your time with others: Share calendars.

    2.6. Share calendars via iCal.

    2.7. Use your voice for email.

    2.8. Secure your email and PC with Microsoft.

    2.9. Example: Javier sells with the help of Office365.

    Unit review: Exercises.

    Practice: Manage your Exchange Online mobile email and organize your agenda

    Unit III: Office automation always accessible: Office Web Apps

    3.1. Edit Microsoft Word files online.

    3.2. Share Microsoft Excel spreadsheets simultaneously in real time.

    3.3. Manage your notes with OneNote and share them with your mobile.

    3.4. Create a presentation with PowerPoint.

    3.5. Use Web Apps and Office on your computer.

    3.6. Work on your documents online without your laptop.

    3.7. Office in different languages.

    3.8. office 365

    3.8. Example: Santi takes care of gardens while answering his clients.

    Unit review: Exercises.

    Practice: Edit Word documents as a group and improve a presentation.

    Unit IV: Create your mobile office and secure your information

    4.1. Participate and manage online meetings from anywhere at any time.

    4.2. Share your PC, and use online training tools with Lync Online.

    4.3. Immediately communicate with other Office 365, Windows Live, and Windows Messenger users.

    4.4. Use your cell phone like in the office.

    4.5. Make your SME more productive.

    4.6. Centralize and synchronize your company's documents.

    4.7. Collaborate on proposals and projects in real time.

    4.9. Don't lose details of your history. (Lync)

    4.8. Example: Javier coordinates his partner network with SharePoint Online.

    Unit review: Exercises.

    Practice: Access and coordinate your projects online.

    Unit V: Working with SharePoint online

    5.1. Introduction

    5.2. Work in SharePoint at the “team site” level

    5.3. Work in SharePoint at the “website” level

    5.4. Views of the libraries.

    5.5. Setting up a library.

    5.6. Lync Online Setup.

    5.7. Additional office 365 management.

    5.8. Top pricing plans.

    5.9. Troubleshooting tool.

    Unit review: Exercises.

    Practice: Working with SharePoint online.

    Final evaluation

    Quality Questionnaire.

    Previous requirements

    No prior technical requirements are necessary to take this course. However, basic computer knowledge and brief notions of social networks are recommended.

    Software and Hardware Requirements

    Hardware: Multimedia PC

    Pentium IV or higher, 1 Gb of memory, sound card, speakers/headphones


    Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Browsers: Explorer 6,7 and 8 or Firefox 2 and 3

    Java 1.5 or higher

    Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or higher

    Javascript enabled

    Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher

    Addressed to:

    The course is aimed at all those people who want to deepen their knowledge of Office 365 and the advantages it can bring to small and medium-sized businesses as well as users.

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