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Project Management Course

Course Description

This course is aimed at controlling and monitoring projects using a project management tool, such as Microsoft Project .

During this course you will study how to manage projects efficiently, keeping order in tasks, resources, dates and costs. In addition, it is possible to review progress, obtain visual reports and provide appropriate follow-up to the project being developed.

Course content

Topic 1. Introduction to project management

  1. First Step: Determine the applications
  2. Environment or Work Environment.
  3. In-app views
  4. Start a New Project.
  5. Enable the Project Summary Task.

Topic 2. Tasks

  1. Task Creation.
  2. Duration of Tasks.
  3. Creation of Subtasks.
  4. Creation of Repetitive Tasks.
  5. Creation of a Milestone.
  6. Editing Tasks: Delete, Move, Insert and Hide a Column, Modify the Format of Values ​​in Date Type Columns.
  7. Identification of Project Tasks.
  8. Dependency between Project Tasks.
  9. Types of Linking between Tasks.
  10. Identification of Project Tasks.
  11. Lead and Lag Time
  12. Dependency between Project Tasks.
  13. Linking Tasks.
  14. Modifying Task Linking.
  15. Inclusion of Task Delay Times.
  16. Inclusion of Lead Times.

Topic 3. Use of Calendars

  1. Project Calendars. Base Calendars.
  2. Calendar Management.
  3. Create or Copy a Calendar.
  4. Customize a Calendar.
  5. Assign the Custom Calendar to the Project.
  6. Define Calendar Settings.
  7. Update Calendar on Time Scale.
  8. Calendar Maintenance.

Topic 4. Resources

  1. Project Resources and Types.
  2. Definition of the Resource List.
  3. Description of Available Fields.
  4. Definition of Resource Names.
  5. Define Resource Availability.
  6. Assign Resources to Tasks.
  7. Redistribute Resource Use.

Topic 5. Monitoring

  1. Project Baseline.
  2. Create a Baseline.
  3. Copy, Delete and Update a Baseline.
  4. Analyze Baseline data.
  5. Compare Programming with Planned.
  6. Project Monitoring.

Topic 6. Tables, Reports and Settings for Printing

  1. Tables for project creation:
  • Selecting a Table.
  • Description of Task Tables.
  • Description of Resource Tables.
  • Create or Modify a Table.
  • Reports:
  • Create or Modify a Report.

Topic 7. Apply the Format to the Project

  1. Change how things look.
  2. Print, Save and Export.


This course is taught in online mode with a duration of 50 hours. 

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