Creating Content with Liferay

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Course summary

Liferay manages the images, text and user interaction of your portal through the Content Management System. This two-day course includes a wide range of topics, from basic content to more technical options such as Application Display Templates and staging. In addition, the maintenance of test versions of your site and the workflow process for content will also be covered. With this course, you will gain extensive knowledge on how to generate and manage portal content.

What can you learn?

At the end of the course, you will learn about the Liferay Content Management system that includes:

  • Content Management Knowledge
  • Generate and display basic content
  • Page and Site Administration
  • Relate content to the Asset Framework
  • Use Metadata to relate content
  • Publishing Dynamic content using Asset Publisher
  • Manage your Document Library
  • Workflow Generation in Liferay
  • Using Structured Content
  • Using Content Templates
  • Using Applications Display Templates
  • How to use AlloyUI for Content
  • Staging content for publication

Course topics


  • How to Install Liferay Using Liferay Developer Studio
Fundamental Concepts in Liferay
  • Description of basic concepts
  • Effective use of roles for content creation
Basic site management
  • Creation and management of pages
  • Page templates
  • Site templates
Basic web content
  • Web Content Creation
  • Place and display content
  • Use of metadata in Web content
  • How to manage documents and multimedia

Work with Workflow

  • What is Workflow?
  • Understand the Workflow process
  • Create Workflows using Kaleo Designer

Advanced Web Content

  • Web content structures
  • Personalized display of web content through templates
  • Basic use of templates
  • Advanced use of templates
  • Using Alloy UI in templates

Publishing with Staging

  • Introduction to Staging
  • Using content with Staging
  • Page Variations
  • Site Page Variations
  • Using Staging with Workflow

    Requirements: have worked with Liferay Portal. Liferay recommends completing the Mastering Liferay Fundamentals course before taking the Managing Content with Liferay course.

    Version: 6.2

    Hours: 40

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