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Get started using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in three simple steps!

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Oh no!! Implement a new CRM? Isn't it going to be very complicated and take a lot of time? Most directors would rather climb Kilimanjaro!! But what if implementation could be done in just three steps and in less than a day? It is now possible through JumpStart CRM Online

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The MindsUnited Partner informs you of the time, costs and prepares the online environment
You will receive a link to complete a questionnaire with several questions online
Import your data via an Excel template

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The implementation of Dynamics CRM Online has been completed in a few hours, and 90% cheaper Your cloud client solution is now a reality. In addition, you can add new functionalities and additional modules in a simple and automated way. In a single day he has closed a great deal. With Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online you are ready to grow!

Take advantage of this offer for only 92 Euros per month!

Why Jumpstart CRM?

  • It allows you to implement Microsoft CRM Online yourself in a fixed time and at a fixed cost.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is more accessible for SMEs.
  • Enables Microsoft partners to sell and support Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Allows you to easily connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to other software (ERP, Webshop, etc.)

…and all this without changing the Reference Partner!!!

How does it work?

  • Monthly subscription without permanence
  • The Partner continues as the first contact and POR of the client
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • JumpStart CRM White Label Portal

What does Jumpstart CRM do?

What Jumpstart CRM does

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