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Course contents

Ethereum Block

Introduction to SmartContracts

  • SmartContracts Definition
  • Structure of a contract
  • Types of contracts
  • Interactions between contracts
  • Contract creation

Blockchain Development with Solidity

  • Solidity Implementation Patterns
  • Mappings, Arrays and Structures
  • Advanced libraries

Development using the Web3.js interface

  • Practical examples


Hyperledger Block

Introduction to Hyperledger

  • Background and introduction
  • Private Blockchains (Permissioned Blockchain)
  • Use cases
  • Frameworks
  • Modules

Hyperledger Fabric Architecture

  • Transactions
  • Chaincodes
  • Channels
  • Consensus

Hands-on with Hyperledger

  • Hyperledger Composer
  • IBM Blockchain as a service
  • Deploying a private environment
  • Appointment of services
  • Creation of web skeleton in Angular

Hyperledger Explorer Deployment

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric deployment on server

Development with Hyperledger Fabric

Deploy with Hyperledger Fabric on IBM Cloud

Background: Bitcoin

  • Motivations and cyberpunk movement
  • Bitcoin Background. Previous attempts to create online payment methods. Models, proposals and failures
  • Keys to success and proposed innovations

How Blockchains work

Characteristics of Blockchain networks

Types of public Blockchains



Some use cases

  • Proposals from the private sector (Banking, Insurance, Industry 4.0, Energy, Pharma,…)
  • Public sector proposals (Administration, SMEs, citizen participation,…)
  • Third sector proposals (Cooperative economy, Social impact)

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