Microsoft Visio 2016 course

  1. Getting Started with Visio 2016
    1. Perform Basic Tasks in the Visio Environment
    2. Use Backstage Commands
    3. Save a File
  2. Working with Workflow Diagram Tools
    1. Use Drawing Components
    2. Modify a Drawing
    3. Insert Callouts and Groups
  3. Building Organization Charts
    1. Create an Organization Chart Manually
    2. Create Organization Charts by Using Starter Diagrams and the Organization Chart Wizard
    3. Modify an Organization Chart
  4. Designing a Floor Plan
    1. Make a Basic Floor Plan
    2. Model a Room Layout
  5. Building a Cross-Functional Flowchart
    1. Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart
    2. Format a Cross-Functional Flowchart
  6. Designing a Network Diagram
    1. Create Network Diagrams
    2. Use Shape Data
    3. Use Layers
  7. Styling a Diagram
    1. Modify Shape and Connector Styles
    2. Apply Themes and Variants
    3. Use Containers
  8. Creating a Custom Shape
      1. Draw Basic Shapes
      2. Enhance Basic Shapes
    1. Designing a Custom Stencil
      1. Create a Custom Stencil
      2. Customize a Stencil Master
    2. Designing Styles and Templates
      1. Defines New Style
      2. Create a Template
    3. Designing a Floor Plan
      1. Create an Office Layout
      2. Work with Layers
    4. Representing External Data in Visio
      1. Generate a PivotDiagram
      2. Create an Organization Chart from External Data
      3. Import Project Plan Data into Visio
      4. Link to a Database
      5. Import Excel Data
    5. Sharing Your Drawings
      1. Link to Visio Drawing to Other Applications
      2. Convert Visio Drawing to Other File Formats
      3. Print to Visio Drawing
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