Course summary

Developing for the Liferay Platform 1 will form the foundation you need to start developing applications with Liferay. Access basic knowledge about portlet development and how to customize the Liferay platform with hooks, plugins, layout templates and themes. This course is an introduction to the Liferay architecture and the Service Builder, basic knowledge to use the platform's API. It will also introduce you to Application Display Templates, a new functionality in version 6.2 that will allow portal administrators to customize the view of your application.

What can you learn?

At the end of the course you will learn everything Liferay can do for you, including:
  • Build portlets with Liferay Plugins SDK
  • Java standard portlets
  • Liferay architecture
  • Use Service Builder to build a firm application layer
  • Build complex portlets with user input, permanence, feedback and localization
  • Connect your application to the Liferay Permissions system
  • Add maintenance to your application's Application Display Templates
  • Customize your portal using hooks
  • Operation and creation of themes
  • Operation and creation of layout templates
  • Extensive modification of the portal through the Ext plugin
  • Best practices for developing with Liferay
  • Use Liferay Developer Studio
  • Deploying projects to a Liferay instance

Course topics


  • Introduction to the Liferay Plugins SDK
  • Installing Liferay Developer Studio
  • Space Program Configuration
  • Liferay Concept Review
Development of portlet type Plugins
  • Introduction to the Portlet Java Standard
  • Differences between Portlets and Servlets
  • Java Portlet Specifications
  • The portlet life cycle
  • Portlet life cycle phases
  • Portlet Features
  • Java Standard Portlet Exercise
  • Portlet preferences
  • Communication between portlets
  • Communication methods between portlets
  • Public rendering parameters
  • Events
  • Portlets and Web Application Frameworks

Component Inventory Portlet

  • Design approach
  • Configuring the Data Model for Service Builder
  • Generation of the Service and Persistence layer
  • Leverage the Liferay MVC Portlet Framework
  • Visualizing data using Liferay Search Container
  • Location, Feedback and data entry validation
  • Integration with Liferay Permissions
  • Custom Portlets in Control Panel

Liferay Look and Feel

  • Application Presentation Templates (ADT)
  • Introduction to Appearance and Page Layout Topics in Liferay
  • Recommendations and advanced features for Themes and Layouts
Hook type plugins
  • Adding a Post-Login Action
  • Adding an action on boot
  • Customizing linguistic keys
  • Customizing Liferay JSPs
  • Extend Liferay Services using Service Wrappers
  • Adding a servlet filter in Liferay
  • Customizing Struts Actions
Plugins ext
  • General information about Ext plugins
  • Portal properties in an Ext plugin
  • Portlet preferences in an Ext plugin
  • Best Practices when working with Ext plugins
Liferay Marketplace
  • Introduction to the Liferay Marketplace
  • Plugin Security in Liferay
Advanced Topics and Summary
  • Web Services in Liferay
  • Spring on Liferay
  • Development Strategy
  • Summary and conclusions

Requirements: have experience in development with Java and Servlets.

Version: 6.2

Hours: 60

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