Digitalization of sports entities: Training workshop

Consulting and training action for the Digitalization of sports entities

Transform your sports entity to generate more resources using technology in a practical, simple and step-by-step way.

What does a modern sports entity need?

Connect with federations, partners, professionals and fans:

  • Increase resources
  • Better understand the federation/partner and the sports professional

Secure group information:

  • To be prepared
  • Protect, control and optimize data

Grow in number of licenses:

  • Give more value to the service provided by the entity
  • Attract more members

The federation in the world

  • Get Work Done Anywhere
  • Collaborate better

What are we going to learn in the sessions?

  • Solutions for the digitalization of the sports entity
  • The new office, anywhere, anytime
  • Share information online with work teams
  • Communicate and collaborate with federations and professionals
  • Increase federative licenses with CRM
  • Increase resources by improving through social networks

Characteristics of the training workshop

  • Material: Material will be delivered tailored to the action.
  • Post-course support: For 6 months after completing the course, participants will have access to the digitized content and the forum via online platform, telephone and Skype.
  • Achievement diploma
  • Office 365 and CRM license for 6 months
  • Duration: Online training 20 hours of Microsoft Social Listening

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