DP-601: Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric

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Course Description: DP-601: Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric

This course is designed to develop your foundational data engineering skills in Microsoft Fabric, focusing on the Lakehouse concept. This course will explore the powerful capabilities of Apache Spark for distributed data processing and the essential techniques for efficient data management, version control, and reliability when working with Delta Lake tables. This course will also explore data ingestion and orchestration using Dataflows Gen2 and Data Factory pipelines. This course includes a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that will prepare you to work with lakes in Microsoft Fabric.

Public Profile

The primary audience for this course is data professionals who are familiar with data modeling, extraction, and analysis. It is designed for professionals who are interested in gaining knowledge about the Lakehouse architecture, the Microsoft Fabric platform, and how to enable end-to-end analytics using these technologies.

Job role: Data analyst, data engineer, data scientist

Items in this collection

  • Introduction to end-to-end analytics with Microsoft Fabric
  • Get started with lake houses in Microsoft Fabric
  • Use Apache Spark on Microsoft Fabric
  • Work with Delta Lake tables in Microsoft Fabric
  • Ingest data with Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric
  • Use Data Factory pipelines in Microsoft Fabric

Previous requirements

You should be familiar with basic data concepts and terminology.


  • English course
  • Labs: English

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