Eliminating repetitive processes and errors with RPA

Course Description

Nanfor's Generation products are exclusive courses for Partners and Clients.

This course is taught in teletraining modality and consists of the following Didactic Material :

  • Video recording
  • PPT (presentation)
  • Specific practices to apply in the organization
  • Training
  • Customer and scenario analysis
  • Contents to set up in the organization

The duration of the course is 50 hours (4 weeks of access to the Campus with the possibility of extending it to 6 weeks).

Training is done through our Virtual Campus , with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

General objectives of Generation products:

Specific objectives:

  • Know the components of RPA
  • Understand the benefits of using RPA with practical cases from companies in the distribution sector
  • Get organization optimization ideas with the process advisor by applying process mining and task mining
  • Create efficiencies in the workplace
  • Create a desktop flow that automatically records accounting entries and operations integrated with Teams
  • Process forms with AI to eliminate process repetitions


  • Power Automate Components
  • Environment installation and configuration
  • Using the process advisor
  • Actions
  • Input and output variables
  • Flow Variables
  • Creating a flow with RPA
  • Application scenarios in clients

POC Components:

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to create potential clients, the following components:

  • Methodology for creating new processes and identifying new automation opportunities
  • Creating a billing record RPA in an accounting program integrated with a cloud flow
  • Create an automated forms process procedure with RPA

Nanfor's Generation products are solutions with impact for companies and organizations  

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