Microsoft Excel Basics

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Course Description

This course is taught in online mode and consists of 10 units.

The duration of the course is 40 hours That distributes between content and collaboration tools. Upon completion, the student will receive an accrediting diploma.

Training is done through our Virtual Campus , with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Access to the Campus will be available for 6 weeks.

The student will also have participation forums , as well as a continuous tutoring .

About this course

In the first block of the course, students will create and edit basic worksheets and workbooks. This course is designed for students who want to gain the skills necessary to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Excel 365 worksheets.

In the second block, students will learn to work with advanced formulas, lists and illustrations. Students will also work with graphics and advanced formatting including styles.


  • Create basic spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel 365.
  • Perform calculations in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Modify an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Modify the appearance of data within a spreadsheet.
  • Manage Excel workbooks.
  • Print the contents of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Learn to use formulas and functions.
  • Create and modify graphics.
  • Convert, sort, filter and manage lists.
  • Insert and modify illustrations in a spreadsheet.
  • Learn to work with tables.
  • Learn to use conditional formatting and styles.

Course contents

Unit 1: Excel

  1. Desktop versions Vs web version
  2. What version do you have?
  3. Permanent updates

Unit 2: Files

  1. New
  2. Save and save as
  3. Save formats
  4. Open files and recent list
  5. Sharing and co-authorship
  6. Publish a book in Power Bi
  7. Explorer view

Unit 3: Formats

  1. Source format
  2. Lineup format
  3. Borders and shading
  4. Number format
  5. Row and column formats

Unit 4: Working with sheets and books

  1. Move and copy sheets
  2. Insert sheets
  3. Hide and show sheets
  4. Remove sheets
  5. eyelash color
  6. Select multiple sheets
  7. Reference a cell in another workbook
  8. View multiple sheets at once

Unit 5: Copy and paste

  1. Copy and paste
  2. Special paste options
  3. Paste operations
  4. Format Painter
  5. Office Clipboard

Unit 6: Print

  1. Set page
  2. Headers and footers
  3. Excel views

Unit 7: Data protection

  1. File level protection
  2. Book level protection
  3. Blade level protection

Unit 8 Formulas

  1. What are range names?
  2. Formula audit
  3. Mistakes
  4. Calculation options

Unit 9: Insert

  1. Insert object
  2. Links
  3. Accessories
  4. Images
  5. Insert 3D models
  6. Screenshots
  7. SmartArts
  8. Shapes

Unit 10: Other options

  1. Quotes and information
  2. New comments
  3. Quick filling
  4. Quick navigation
  5. Custom number formats
  6. Custom date formats
  7. Customize toolbar
  8. Freeze panels and split window
  9. Automate tasks
  10. sheet view

Previous requirements

No prior knowledge is required to take this course.

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