Microsoft Teams Basics

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Microsoft Teams helps company teams work more effectively through the combined use of online meetings, chats, channels, tabs and multimedia content, among other utilities.

It is defined as a collaborative space that induces the activation of projects quickly, eliminating many emails and generating immediacy in the results.

Course Description

This course is taught in online mode and consists of 5 units.

The duration of the course is distributes between the content and the collaboration tools and upon completion, the student will receive an accrediting diploma.

Training is done through our Virtual Campus , with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

The student will also have participation forums , as well as a continuous tutoring .

Course content

Unit 1 : Getting started

  • Introduction
  • Bringing it all together with Teams
  • Ways to use Teams
  • Navigation in Microsoft Teams

Unit 2: Cloud collaboration. Teamwork with Microsoft Teams

  • Teams in Teams
  • Team permissions
  • Channel creation
  • Collaborative work
  • Work with files
  • Pin a document
  • Eyelashes

Unit 3: Channel Management and Collaborative Work

  • Work with the publication tab
  • Create a new post
  • Create mentions in the channel within a message
  • Schedule a meeting from the channel
  • Start a channel meeting
  • Open channel details
  • Pin the channel
  • The new Teams presentation explained

Unit 4: Chat and video call management

  • Change Status
  • Peer to peer
  • Separate Chat
  • Organize your chats
  • Video calls

Unit 5: Meeting Management

  • How to schedule meetings
  • How to take notes during the meeting
  • Have a chat conversation during a meeting
  • Record a meeting
  • Use a Microsoft Whiteboard in a meeting
  • Create breakout rooms, gather participants into smaller groups, and have multiple conversations
  • Where to access the recording and meeting notes
  • Download attendance list

    Previous requirements

    No prior technical requirements are necessary to take this course. However, basic computer skills and knowledge of environments related to the use of cloud applications are recommended.

    * Nanfor's own course, it is not an official Microsoft course and does not prepare for any certification exam.

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