Microsoft Viva Basics


Microsoft Viva Fundamentals Course

About the course

This course is taught online and consists of 1 unit and explanatory videos from the tutor.
The approximate duration of the course is 30 hours distributed between the course content and collaboration tools and upon completion, the student will receive an accrediting diploma.
The training is carried out through our Virtual Campus, with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
The student will also have participation forums , as well as continuous tutoring.

Course content

Unit 1: Microsoft Viva Fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • Employee Experience (EXP)
  • General objective: Empower people and teams
  • Set of solutions for the improvement of organizations and people
  • Ecosystem
  • Product experiences
  • Live Connections
  • Live Ideas
  • Viva Themes
  • SharePoint Syntex
  • Live Learning
  • Partner opportunities with Microsoft Viva


* Nanfor's own course, it is not an official Microsoft course and does not prepare for any certification exam.

Previous requirements

No prior technical requirements are necessary to take this course. However, basic computer skills and knowledge of environments related to Information Technology are recommended.

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