Hardening with Docker, Security, Advanced Docker

Hardening with Docker, Security, Advanced Docker

Course Description

The course is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge with Docker and the implementation of this technology as a broad application infrastructure within their company. You will learn how to properly "dockerize" applications to make them robust and stable.

Little by little, the entire process is covered from the implementation of containers within different networks, through the creation of Microservices, to their stable deployment. And all this respecting the best practices for creating and executing this type of applications. In the practical examples, we will test all the advanced techniques that Docker and its ecosystem offers. Thanks to the extensive practical experience of the instructors, we will also focus on the most common problems and the most frequent mistakes of Docker users.

Who is this course for?

  • System administrators
  • Application developers
  • IT professionals
  • IT students with interest in learning Docker technology

Previous requirements

  • Knowledge of the Linux operating system (command line work, knowledge of basic shell tools)
  • Basic knowledge of Docker (knowledge of basic Docker nomenclature and operations - launching the container, etc.)
  • Prior attendance at our Docker Fundamentals course is highly recommended.

Course objectives

Course participants will learn:

  • DevSecOps Profile
  • Create different Docker networks
  • Docker orchestration and microservices
  • Docker Swarm deployment
  • Docker Compose deployment
  • Docker Bench Security Deployment
  • The TUF Upgrade Framework
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Security in Docker: tools and good practices

Optional tool

  • Your own virtual server to carry out the practices via ssh.

Course content

1. DevSecOPs

  • What is DevSecOps
  • From DevOps to DevSecOps
  • DevSecOps implementations
  • DevSecOps Plan, Pillars, Governance
  • DevSecOps Success Criteria
  • DevSecOps Profile
  • DevSecOps tasks, tools, processes and culture

2. Docker Network

  • Docker Network - Objectives
  • Container Network Model (CNM)
  • CNM - Architecture
  • Docker network drivers
    • Bridge
    • Host
    • None
    • Overlay
    • MacVlan
  • Ingress Network

3. Container Orchestration

  • What is orchestration
  • Docker swarm
  • Docker Swarm components
  • Docker Swarm Commands
  • Docker Compose
  • Installing Docker Compose
  • Docker Compose vs Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose file structure
  • Basic Docker Compose Commands

4. Docker Security

  • Docker Bench Security Audits
  • Docker security tools
  • The update framework
  • Docker Notary
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Type of attacks

Guided practical exercises

  • DockerVolume
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker best practices
  • Docker Bench Security
  • Docker Content Trust

According to our hybrid eLearning methodology

Duration: 115 hours

Contains videos

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