Microsoft Teams ICT

Microsoft Teams ICT course

Introduction :

Microsoft Teams helps company teams work more effectively through the combined use of chats, channels, tabs, and multimedia content.

It is defined as a collaborative space that induces the activation of projects quickly, eliminating many emails and generating immediacy in the results.

Course content:

Unit 1 : Configuration and installation. Desktop application.

  • Main elements: Channel, tab, content, T-Bot
  • Teams on mobile devices
  • Integration with Skype for Business
  • Integration with Office 365
  • Login
  • The Microsoft Teams sidebar

Unit 2: Working with Microsoft Teams

  • Creating tasks and notifications
  • Teams and channels
  • The owner and team members

Unit 3: Content and message management

  • Share content outside your computer
  • Message management, use of private messages
  • File and notification management
  • Track my conversations and manage notifications
  • Generating productive conversations
  • How to manage information when you belong to several teams

Unit 4 : Meeting Management:

  • Meetings and calls, communication and management
  • Using apps, services and plugins with Microsoft Teams

Unit 5: Project management with Microsoft Teams

  • Relationship with Microsoft Project
  • Practice: Microsoft Teams Quick Start
  • Customization of each project by teams

Unit 6: Using Microsoft Teams from mobile devices

  • Team and channel management
  • Customizing Microsoft Teams on mobile devices
  • Meetings and calls on mobile devices
  • Messenger service
  • Private conversations

Unit 7 : Microsoft Teams Administration

  • Access and user management
  • Authentication with desktop clients
  • Administrator settings for Microsoft Teams
  • User access
  • License management, instance-level configuration
  • Integration with email
  • Connectors with Office 365
  • Managing groups and connectors
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