Microsoft Teams for Business Fundamentals

Microsoft Teams Fundamentals Course for Business

About the course

This course is taught in online mode and consists of 5 units and practices.
The approximate duration of the course is 5 0 hours distributed between the course content and the collaboration tools and upon completion, the student will receive a accrediting diploma .
Training is done through our Virtual Campus , with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the day the course starts, 24 hours a day every day of the week.
The student will also have participation forums , as well as a continuous tutoring.


Today , work is more collaborative , diverse and global than ever. How do you bring together different types of teams , with diverse team members from around the world, and allow them to work together effectively ? Microsoft Teams brings the answer, the innovative solution for modern communication and collaboration needs . In this module the following topics will be covered : Describe the communication needs of the modern workforce . Explain how Microsoft Teams meetings, voice , and devices can make communication and collaboration more effective .

Get information about as to plan and manage meetings and Microsoft conferences _ Teams. Discover as audio conferencing works _ _ and the events in straight in the equipment. To the final of this module, you has to be able of: To plan the meeting implementation _ and conferences. Manage the directives and meeting settings . _ Manage the recordings of meetings. To plan for conferences of Audio. Plan events in alive. Monitor the quality of the call.

Tabs are Microsoft Teams web pages supported by Teams embedded in Microsoft Teams . They can be added as part of a channel or group chat within a team or as a personal app for an individual user . As part of the app, you can add custom tabs to embed your own web content on Teams . There are two types of tabs available in Teams – channel/group and personal.

In this module, you will learn how to create tabs and add them to the Microsoft Teams app . At the end of this module , you should be able to : Evaluate the differences between personal and channel /group tabs Create a channel /group tab with a setup experience Create a tab that leverages authentication to call a secured REST API .


Course content

Unit 1: Meetings with Microsoft Teams, voice and devices

  • Main components of Microsoft Teams: meetings and conferences
  • Organization of meetings and conferences
  • Meeting policy management
  • Meeting settings
  • Using voice conferencing
  • Meeting quality management

Unit 2: Creating a personalized work environment

  • Determine main tasks of the team
  • Define correspondence of tasks and Apps
  • Create a custom tab with Apps
  • Channels and groups, strategy definition
  • Group sources and organization of the work management structure with Teams
  • Create tabs by group types

Unit 3: Microsoft Teams as the entity's productivity hub

  • Content and message management:
  • Share content outside your computer
  • Message management, use of private messages
  • File and notification management
  • Track my conversations and manage notifications
  • Generating productive conversations
  • How to manage information when you belong to several teams

Unit 4: Project management with Microsoft Teams

  • Relationship with Microsoft Project

Practice: Microsoft Teams Quick Start

  • Customization of each project by teams


Unit 5: Using Microsoft Teams from mobile devices

  • Team and channel management
  • Customizing Microsoft Teams on mobile devices
  • Meetings and calls on mobile devices
  • Messenger service
  • Private conversations


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