Outlook 365 course

Outlook 365 course

Course contents

This course is taught online and consists of 5 units that contain videos and practices. The approximate duration of the course is 40 hours distributed between the course content and the collaboration tools and upon completion, the student will receive an accrediting diploma.

The training is carried out through our Virtual Campus, with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The student will also have participation forums, as well as continuous tutoring.


Presentation of the course. Watch video

Unit 1. Outlook 365. Introduction

1.1 Presentation of the Outlook 365 course.

1.2 Outlook Screen Settings.

Unit 2. Write messages

2.1. Dictate your messages.

2.2 Write a message, tricks to save work.

2.2.1 Use templates to save time when writing.

2.2.2 Save time with quick elements.

2.2.3 Change text from uppercase to lowercase quickly.

2.3 Priority, delivery and opinion options.

2.3.1 Message priority.

2.3.2 Modify delivery options.

2.3.3 Request confirmation of delivery and reading of messages.

2.3.4 Use voting buttons.

2.4 Install the translator and use it.

Unit 3: Set up trays

3.1 Spam, Junk Mail, Skip Convert Conversation.

3.1.1 Skip conversation.

3.1.2 Clean a conversation.

3.2 Quick steps.

3.2.1 Configure a quick step.

3.2.2 Create a new quick step.

3.3 Rules for organizing mail and automation of message management.

3.3.1 Create rules from messages.

3.3.2 Create a rule using the Rule Wizard.

3.3.3 Run rules manually.

3.4 Search messages.

3.5 Search folders.

3.5.1 Create and use predefined search folders.

3.6 Conditional formats in messages.

3.7 Inbox Options.

3.7.1 Flag email messages for follow-up.

3.7.2 Categorize messages.

Unit 4: Set Up Account

4.1 Account Settings.

4.2 Automatic responses or out-of-office assistant.

4.3 Signatures.

4.3.1 Create and add a signature for messages.

4.3.2 Add the signature to a message.

4.3.3 Make the signature appear automatically in a message.

Unit 5: Other Outlook Items

5.1 Groups in Microsoft 365

5.1.1 Create a new Microsoft 365 group

5.1.2 Add members to the group.

5.1.3 Create a new contact.

5.2 Configure calendar.

5.3 Calendar elements: appointments, meetings, events and frequency.

5.3.1 Add an appointment.

5.3.2 Create a meeting request.

5.3.3 Create an online meeting with Microsoft Teams.

5.3.4 Use the programming assistant.

5.4 Shared calendars .

5.4.1 Share our calendar with other users.

5.5 Create and assign tasks to a contact and yourself.

5.6 Notes. Write and send a note.

Final evaluation

Quality Questionnaire.

Previous requirements

No prior technical requirements are necessary to take this course. However, basic computer skills are recommended.

Addressed to:

The course is aimed at all those people who want to gain knowledge of Outlook 365 and the advantages it can bring to small and medium-sized businesses as well as users.

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