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Course Description

This course is taught online and consists of 7 units and practices .

The approximate duration of the course is 30 hours distributed between the course content and collaboration tools and upon completion, the student will receive an accrediting diploma.

Training is done through our Virtual campus, With this modality you will have all the teaching content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
The student will also have participation forums , as well as a continuous tutoring.

About this course

In this course you learn to develop presentations with high visual impact. Master the tool, present your work, study or business ideas, and become an effective presenter.

Course content

Unit 1. Office tools

  • Introduction to the course
  • Microsoft office 365
  • Differences between Office versions
  • Microsoft office 365 tools
  • How to download and install office
  • office 365 collaborative work system
  • Office 365 for mobile

Unit 2. Introduction to PowerPoint

  • Introduction to powerpoint
  • powerpoint functions
  • powerpoint interface
  • Start or create a powerpoint presentation
  • Run powerpoint presentations
  • Save a presentation
  • Keyboard shortcuts in powerpoint
  • Practical guide to developing PowerPoint presentations
  • Collaborative work in powerpoint

Unit 3. Getting started in creating presentations

  • Start menu
  • The slideshows
  • Clipboard in power point
  • Creating and editing slides
  • Font editing
  • Paragraph format
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Search and replace text
  • Practical example of creating slides

Unit 4. Dynamic components for presentations

  • Insert menu
  • Insert images
  • Creating and editing shapes
  • Creating tables in powerpoint
  • Creating statistical graphs
  • Creating smartart graphics
  • Create animated graphics
  • Add videos to presentations
  • Add text boxes
  • Slide Headers and Footers
  • Insert mathematical equations
  • Insert audio
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Create dropdown menu

Unit 5. Slide design and animations

  • Theme and slide design
  • Background Styles and Slide Colors
  • Customize slide size
  • Change slide orientation
  • Transitions between slides
  • PowerPoint animations
  • Change slide order
  • Organize slides by sections
  • Copy, duplicate and hide slides
  • Presentation views
  • Creative Power Point Cover

Unit 6. Plugins and additional elements in PowerPoint

  • Insert plugins
  • Add icons
  • Translate in powerpoint
  • Automatic spelling in word
  • Comments in powerpoint
  • Combine and compare presentations
  • Review and intelligent search in powerpoint
  • Share powerpoint presentations
  • Protect documents

Unit 7. Practical utility of PowerPoint software

  • Preparing a powerpoint presentation
  • Introduction of videos with powerpoint
  • Make creative covers in Powerpoint
  • Tips to make a good slide
  • Tips for making slides
  • Powerpoint photomontages
  • Thumbnail images for YouTube from Powerpoint
  • Get powerpoint templates

Previous requirements

No prior technical requirements are necessary to take this course. However, basic computer skills and knowledge of environments related to Information Technology are recommended.

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