Salesforce: Administration Essentials for New Administrators: Professional Edition

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Course description. Salesforce: Administration Essentials for New Administrators: Professional Edition

    • Modality: Webinar. Virtual classroom sessions with teacher
    • Specialty: Salesforce - Administrators
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    Value services with Salesforce:

    • Technological solutions
    • Vertical solutions
    • Integration with third parties
    • Mobility solutions
    • Training Solutions
    • Course description
    • Apex Platform

    Course content

    • Getting Around the App
    • Understand the Data Model and Navigation
    • Find Answers in Help & Training
    • Getting Your Organization Ready for Users
    • Understand the Company Profile
    • Learn about the User Interface
    • Configure Search Settings
    • Set Up List Views
    • Setting Up and Managing Users
    • Understand User Profiles
    • Manage Users
    • Troubleshoot Login Issues
    • Understanding User Profiles
    • Computer Activation
    • Security and Data Access
    • Set up Record Access
    • Create a Role Hierarchy
    • Customization
    • Administrator Standard Fields
    • Create New Custom Fields
    • Create Selection Fields: Picklists and Lookups
    • Create Formula Fields
    • Work with Page Layouts
    • Maintain Data Quality with Validation Rules
    • Managing Data
    • Import Records with Import Wizards
    • Mass Transfer Records
    • Merge Records
    • Back Up Data
    • Mass Delete Records and Use the Recycle Bin
    • Activity Management
    • Manage Emails and Email Templates
    • Track Tasks and Events
    • Final evaluation
    • Quality Questionnaire

    Note: The content may vary to adapt to the group and Salesforce news.

      Addressed to

      Administration Essentials for New Admins: Professional Edition is designed for anyone responsible for the setup, configuration, and data for an organization's Salesforce Professional Edition implementation.

      Previous requirements

      The prerequisites include an understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality.

      Software and hardware requirements

      • Hardware: Multimedia PC
      • Pentium IV or higher, 1 Gb of memory, sound card, speakers/headphones
      • Software:
      • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
      • Internet browser (Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome or any current browser compatible with html5)


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