SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Training

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Course Description: SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Training

  • Individualized support in Spanish
  • Access duration: 3 months
  • Duration in hours: approximately 170 hours, for an average participant with a certain level of basic knowledge of technical English language and technology
  • Fee: Request offer
  • Laboratories, practices and activities: As indicated in the attached video

Introduction to the course

SAP HANA accelerates business processes and simplifies the IT environment by delivering Business Intelligence solutions. Continuous innovations led by SAP to enhance the capabilities of HANA have resulted in the launch of SAP HANA 2.0 on November 30, 2016. SAP HANA 2.0 is the latest to strengthen digital transformation in leading companies implementing the latest in-memory technology. to run your business.

Course content

Unit 1: SAP HANA Foundation

Unit 2: Deployment Strategies

  1. On-Premise
  2. On–Cloud
  3. Sidecar

Unit 3: Architecture of SAP HANA

Unit 4: Replicating Data to SAP HANA

  1. Business Objects Data Services (BODS)
  2. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)

Unit5: SAP HANA Studio Interface

  1. Attribute View
  2. Analytic View
  3. Calculation View
  4. Catalog - Schemas, HANA Live Package
  5. SAP HANA - SQL Overview
  6. SAP HANA Transport Options
  8. SAP HANA CDS Views

Unit 6: SAP HANA Reporting Overview (BOBJ)

  1. BO WEBi
  2. BO Crystal Reports Enterprise
  3. BO IDT (BO UNX)
  4. BO CMC (Admin-SSO)
  5. BO AO (Analysis Office)
  6. BO Design Studio
  7. SAP Lumira & Smart Business Client
  8. SAP Fiori & SAP NetWeaver Business Client7

Unit 7: SAP HANA System Monitoring & Administration

  1. DBA Cockpit
  2. Database Migration Option (DMO)

Unit 8: SAP HANA Security & Authorization

  1. User Management
  2. Role Management

Unit 9: Advanced Features Overview

  2. SAP Predictive Analytics on HANA
  3. SAP BW-BPC embedded on HANA
  4. SAP S/4HANA
  5. Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) for HANA
  6. SAP Activate Solution Manager for SAP HANA


Contents: An important part of the course is in the English language as well as the practices and laboratories.


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