Digital Transformation Service with AI in MicroSMEs and entrepreneurs

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Course Description

This program aims to create a digitalization plan aimed at maximizing business for entrepreneurs and SMEs with less than 10 employees.

General objectives

  • Improve the efficiency and security of your organization (productivity and agility)
  • Increase the growth of your business
  • Innovate with new products and channels
  • Optimize management of people, communication, training and motivation of your entity.

Specific objectives

  • Offer to people of management teams of start-ups and MicroSMEs the knowledge and skills necessary to promote digital transformation management of their companies and thereby improve productivity and their possibilities for growth and internationalization.
  • Understand how technology impacts business, allowing the customer to be placed at the center to provide solutions to their needs , and generate and exploit the data to business decision making.
  • Reduce the digital divide for gender issues by increasing the number of women enrolled and trained in digital management of MicroSMEs.
  • Improve relationships with your customers and suppliers
  • Manage change in the organization
  • Obtain ROI rates with the actions that result from the program.
  • Know the trends that the world's leading consulting firms in digital transformation explain to us.
  • Make the right decision at the right time: optimize your intelligence in business
  • Increase your punch with integrated automation systems
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and make your employees have fun in the organization by eliminating repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate errors with production processes integrated with automation in the cloud Cloud Automate and RPA robotic automation processes.
  • Optimize creation. assignment and obtaining KPIs In the organization.
  • Contact international digital transformation experts who allow you to obtain the most appropriate strategy so that your SME increases its results

Course content

The phases of the program are:

  • Module 1: The company in the digital economy: understanding the entity and aligning its business objectives with technology. 360ª Analysis
  • Module 2: Transforming the customer experience by understanding the type of customer the entity has and how to optimize the return on investment by generating healthy income.
  • Module 3: Technologically enabling the transformation. Designing a digitalization plan that allows increasing results
  • Module 4: Managing change or how to implement technologies in the organization so that they generate results
  • Module 5: Sectoral use cases

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