Spring 5 WebFlux and Reactive Programming with Java

Spring 5 WebFlux and Reactive Programming with Java Course


  • To acquire the necessary knowledge and work in depth with Spring WebFlux.
  • Analyze the server-side reactive programming concepts that this framework implements


Unit 1: Using GitHub

  • Introduction to reactive programming
  • Reactive data flow
  • Spring 5 and the new Web Flux model
  • Introduction to Spring WebFlux
  • Netflux Reactive Example
  • The concept of Observables
  • Example of Mono types
  • Drivers and services
  • Example of combining Monos and service controller
  • Services and repositories

Unit 2: Spring Reactor Framework

  • Introduction to Reactor
  • Using operators
  • Map, Log, Filter, Reduce, FlatMap and GroupBy operators
  • Reactive support for Thymeleaf and MongoDB
  • Thymeleaf: DATA-DRIVEN and CHUNKED mode
  • WebClient management
  • Line and service management
  • Mergin Flux and SSE

Unit 3: Asynchronous Operators

  • Methods
  • Examples of Line and Invoice
  • ConcatMap, Merge, Buffer and Zip methods
  • SSE Events
  • SSE and multiple client
  • WebFlux and SSE

Unit 4: Spring WebFlux

  • WebSockets
  • Maven dependencies
  • Managing messages with WEBSocketHandler
  • WEBSocketHandler configuration
  • WebSocket Client
  • Spring webflux websocket example test
  • Spring WebClient; examples GET, PUT, POST, DELETE
  • WebFlux test with WebTestClient
  • Testing Webflux drivers

Practice and development of the application

The training is carried out through our Virtual Campus, with this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the start day of the course, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Additionally, you will have the option to participate in forums, as well as ongoing tutoring.

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