UI Test Automation - Test Automation Fundamentals

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Course Description

In this UI Test Automation course - Fundamentals of test automation , you will learn the basic terminology and the fundamentals to get started in the discipline of test automation, as well as know the main tools and how to evaluate them, understand the automation process, how to build a automation organization among other topics.

Addressed to

Aimed at developers with more than two years of experience and an intermediate level of programming in Visual Studio .


    Module 1: Software Testing

    • Test objectives
    • Types of tests and test pyramid
    • Manual testing
    • Automated testing
    • Examples

    Module 2: Main components for test automation

    • Version control
    • Data management
    • User control
    • Application testing and maintenance
    • Testing Best Practices
    • Test validation

    Module 3: Tools for writing and automating UI tests

    • Analysis of the environment for tool selection
    • WinAppDriver
    • Selenium, use of locators
    • SpecFlow
    • Automation case with Selenium

    Module 4: Planning automated tests

    • Create a NUnit project that includes Selenium
    • Write a test case that uses automation
    • Cross-browser test setup
    • Automatic execution of tests
    • GitHub branch capture
    • The IWebDriver variable
    • Writing code for unit tests
    • Definition of the Setup method and auxiliaries

    Module 5: Running local and automated UI tests

    • Export environment variables
    • Running tests locally
    • Add the SITE_URL variable to Azure Pipelines
    • Automate testing with Azure Pipelines

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