Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE)

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Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) Official Training

Course Outline

This certification is an excellent investment for an IT professional looking to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, increase potential for personal career advancement and gain recognition from the employer and customers.
By completing the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) course you should be able to:
• Get more functionality out of Veeam solutions
• Identify and resolve issues more efficiently
• Gain a distinction from your peers

Prerequisites & Audience

• Have a solid virtualization, backup and recovery knowledge base
• Recommendation to have followed the online free technical course path on Veeam University
( - for end users) or Veeam ProPartner (for Veeam resellers)

    Course Topics

    Module 1: Introduction
    Module 2: Overview of Veeam products
    2.1. Hypervisor Support
    2.2. Veeam Backup & Replication key features
    23. Veeam One key features
    2.4. Veeam Management Pack
    2.5. vCloud Director Support
    2.6. Key concepts
    2.7. Backup Methods
    2.8. Scheduling
    2.9. Changed Block Tracking (CBT)
    2.10. Compression and Deduplication
    2.11. Retention Policy
    Module 3: Veeam ONE features and functionality
    3.1. Auto Discovery of Backup and Virtual Infrastructure
    3.2. Business Categorization
    3.3. Pre-Defined Alerting

    3.4. Unattended monitoring
    3.5. Reporting and dashboards
    3.6. Agentless data gathering
    3.7. Hyper-V specific features
    3.8. Veeam One Deployment
    3.9. Veeam One assessment Tool
    Module 4: Deployment
    4.1. Solution Architecture
    4.2. Deployment Scenarios
    4.3. Prerequisites
    4.4. Upgrading Veeam Backup & Replication
    Module 5: Initial Configuration
    5.1. Adding Servers
    5.2. Adding to VMware Backup Proxy
    5.3. Adding a Hyper-V Offhost Backup Proxy 
    5.4. Adding Backup Repositories
    5.5. Performing Configuration Backup and Restore
    5.6. Getting to Know User Interface
    Module 6: Performing Backup
    6.1. Creating Backup Jobs
    6.2. Creating VM Copy Jobs
    6.3. Instant VM Recovery
    Module 7: Replication (Replication Job, Failover, Failback)
    7.1. Insight into Replication
    7.2. Insight into Failover
    7.3. Insight into Failback
    Module 8: SureBackup, SureReplica
    8.1. SureBackup Recovery Verification
    8.2. SureReplica
    Module 9: Restore your VMs and Objects
    9.1. Data Recovery
    9.2. Restoring Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint objects
    9.3. Working with Veeam Backup & Replication Utilities
    Module 10: 3-2-1 rule (Backup to tape, WAN, Backup Copy)
    10.1. Wan Accelerator
    10.2. Offsite Backup Copy Job
    10.3. Delegate file and VM restores with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager
    10.4. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager RESTful API
    10.5. HP StoreVirtual VSA
    Module 11: Product Editions
    11.1. Product Editions Comparison
    11.2. Full and Free
    Module 12: Troubleshooting
    12.1. How to review and analyze the issue
    12.2. Search for additional information
    12.3. Veeam Support

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