Visual Studio Code and NodeJS and integration with GIT

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Course Description

In this course you will learn how to create and publish a web API with ASP.NET Core controllers, debug Node.js and Visual Studio Code applications, and manage and monitor Git repositories.

Addressed to

Aimed at developers with more than two years of experience and an intermediate level of programming in Visual Studio .

    Course content

    Module 1: Creating a Web API with ASP.NET Core Controllers

    • ASP.NET Core REST
    • Exercise. Creating an ASP.NET Core project
    • ASP.NET Core Web API Drivers
    • ASP.NET Core CRUD Actions
    • Implementation of CRUD operations

    Module 2: Publish a web application to Azure with Visual Studio and ASP.NET controllers

    • Exploring Azure APP Service
    • Publishing an ASP.NET application from Visual Studio
    • Exploring your Visual Studio application project
    • Adding a controller
    • Adding a data warehouse
    • Create a web API project

    Module 3: Creating a Node.js project and using dependencies

    • Package.json configuration
    • Add packages to your Node.js project
    • Installing packages
    • Managing dependency updates
    • Practice

    Module 4: Interactive Debugging of Node.js and Visual Studio Code Applications

    • Debugging with the built-in Node.js debugger
    • Debugging with Visual Studio Code
    • Creating a JavaScript file in a Visual Studio workspace
    • Creating a startup configuration
    • Problem analysis
    • Checking the status of variables
    • Detection of the cause of blocking
    • Correction of conversion rates
    • Practice

    Module 5: Version control with GIT

    • Procedures for creating and modifying a Git project
    • Collaboration with GIT
    • Editing code with branches and merging with GIT
    • Structuring the Git repository
    • Mono versus multiple repos
    • The change log

    Module 6: Manage Git repositories

    • Working with large repositories
    • Purge repository data
    • Release Management
    • Note automation
    • Practice

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