Well Architected Framework (WAF) Course - Azure Well Architected Framework

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Addressed to

Professionals who are related to the implementation of Microsoft technology projects, especially in Azure, technically familiar with the solutions and resources of the technologies they wish to implement in the client.


  • Describe the pillars of the Azure Architecture Framework

  • Identify key principles for creating a solid architectural foundation

  • Scale capacity based on workload.

  • Optimize network performance.

  • Optimize storage and database performance.

  • Improve application performance by identifying bottlenecks

  • Leverage Azure services to design a highly available application.

  • Incorporate Azure disaster recovery features into your architecture.

  • Protect your application from damage or data loss.


  1. Introduction and 360º vision

  2. Azure Architectural Framework Foundations

  3. Define scaling or reduction in verticals and horizontals

  4. Containers and scaling in Azure

  5. Using DevOps for design, build, and orchestration

  6. Integration and continuous delivery

  7. Microservices Management and Environment Coherence

  8. Obtaining operational information: Use of monitoring and analysis

  9. Automate with infra as code

  10. Types of automation

  11. Automation tasks for development environments and other operational tasks

  12. Using Azure DevTest Labs

  13. Enabling application testing strategies

  14. Optimize network and storage performance

  15. Manage application performance bottlenecks

  16. How to create a high availability architecture

  17. Developing a disaster recovery strategy

  18. Data protection via back-up (backup and restore)

  19. Security in WAF: Infrastructure Protection

  20. Identity management and encryption

  21. Network and application security


Final evaluation

Duration in teletraining 40 hours

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