Online event: Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot: Use the power of the search engine with secure AI and Microsoft 365 Copilot



One of the innovative solutions that Microsoft has recently launched to improve productivity with business data protection.

Who is it addressed to?

Any user who wants to know the advantages that Bing Chat Business offers in terms of functionalities and advantages .


  • Welcome
  • Browsers and search engines
  • Bing Chat Enterprise: advantages
  • Data protection in access to information
  • Configuring Bing Chat Enterprise vs. Traditional Bing
  • Main components of Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • How to create documents from notes
  • How to customize document styles using natural language
  • Creating document summaries
  • How to summarize communication threads in Outlook with Copilot
  • Data analysis with Excel and Copilot
  • Generate a presentation from a note idea
  • Creating tasks from meetings in Teams
  • How to make meeting summaries
  • Practical demo
  • Success stories/testimonials of e-learning ExecuTrain México and Nanfor
  • Q&A


  • Wednesday, 12/13/2023


  • From 15:45 to 17:15 PM CET


Level 100 (User Level)

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