Complete success in the series of events on Generative AI based on Microsoft Copilot solutions in Spain

Complete success in the series of events on Generative AI based on Microsoft Copilot solutions in Spain

Madrid, April 12, 2024

The series of events on the advantages of Generative Artificial Intelligence in the workplace has culminated in resounding success , bringing together business leaders and technology experts in three important events in Spain.

Hosted by Nanfor , these events have focused on how AI solutions, like Microsoft 365 Copilot, are transforming productivity and creativity in organizations.

The first event was held at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce , attracting 212 registrants . The second call at the same location saw a significant increase to 352 registrants , reflecting a growing interest in the practical application of generative AI in the workplace. The third and last event was held in Valencia , in collaboration with the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community , where 236 participants were registered.

Throughout the series, more than 2,000 companies have participated, highlighting Nanfor's commitment to improving productivity and quality of work in the business sector. Topics covered included the business value of Copilot, savings in time and resources in various workplaces, and practical use cases in both personal and business scenarios.

Live demos showed how tools built into Microsoft 365 Copilot can save hours of work on tasks such as managing meetings, documentation, and emails. The hybrid format of the event allowed both online and in-person participants to actively interact, asking questions and discussing customized Copilot implementations in their organizations.

In addition to the events held with business associations, companies, and Microsoft partners, the next actions will take place on May 8 at ANCYPEL as well as several online events indicated in the Online Events Calendar .


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This success underscores Nanfor's role as a leader in promoting and educating about the benefits of generative AI , emphasizing its effectiveness in increasing efficiency and fostering a more innovative work environment.

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