Nanfor participates in an international event with the IAMCP Spain, LATAM and Microsoft in Costa Rica

The recent inauguration of Microsoft's headquarters at the Universal Tower in Costa Rica represents a significant milestone for the company and for the Latin American region. This new center, which celebrates 28 years of Microsoft presence in Costa Rica , has grown rapidly, going from 60 to 1,500 collaborators in just four years. The modern facilities have capacity for 1,700 employees and are equipped with advanced technology for hybrid work, as well as spaces designed for the well-being of its employees, clients and guests.

As for Nanfor , the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Microsoft partner community in Spain by announcing its sponsorship of the IAMCP Spain 2023 event in Bilbao. Nanfo r's main objective in this event is to enhance the knowledge and benefits of partners , thus strengthening the collaboration network in the technological ecosystem. Nanfor, specialized in training and technology skills development, seeks to provide Microsoft partners with access to advanced training resources and programs to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Additionally, the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) has organized a meeting between IAMCP partners in Spain and Latin America, which will take place on December 5 and 6 at the Microsoft offices in Costa Rica. This event aims to expand business opportunities from Spain and Latin America to Central America and the Caribbean, offering top-level presentations and networking opportunities.

Torre Universal - New Microsoft offices in Costa Rica
Torre Universal - New Microsoft offices in Costa Rica

These events and developments reflect the growing importance of Latin America in the world of technology and the continued commitment of companies like Microsoft and Nanfor to innovation and training in the sector.

Nanfor's new "Learning as a Service" (LaaS) services are being well received in the Microsoft partner ecosystem, offering numerous advantages in the current context of continuous professional development. The flexibility and accessibility of LaaS allows users to access knowledge anywhere, anytime, which is essential for people with variable schedules. In addition, personalization of learning, continuous updating of content, and focus on practical skills are highlights of these services.

LaaS added value

The advantages of LaaS include rapid response to market changes , improved work performance , and employee motivation and engagement . Immediate training allows specific problems or skills gaps to be addressed as soon as they arise, avoiding larger problems. The flexibility and personalization of training, together with the promotion of a culture of continuous learning, make LaaS an attractive model for organizations and their employees, enhancing talent retention and adaptability to various learning styles.

In short, Nanfor's LaaS model provides an effective way to build customer loyalty through continuous learning. Annual unlimited learning licenses offer participants the opportunity to train and prepare for any certification Microsoft has available, without the need to purchase course by course, and with exclusive award-winning support from Nanfor.

Learning as a Service (LaaS) Collection

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