Nanfor Obtains Funding for 100% Subsidized Training for Microsoft Partners

Nanfor , a leading company in the technological training sector, has once again managed to obtain funds for the training of Microsoft partners , ensuring a 100% subsidy in teletraining modalities. This achievement represents a significant step for the company and its partners in the field of technological education.

Program Details:

  • Teletraining Modality: The training will be offered in a teletraining format, allowing participants to access the courses and materials remotely, which facilitates participation without geographical restrictions.
  • Benefits for Microsoft Partners: This initiative is designed to provide Microsoft partners with up-to-date skills and knowledge essential in the dynamic technology sector.
  • Cost Coverage: The grant covers 100% of training costs, eliminating financial barriers for participants and allowing broader access to quality training.

Expected Impact

This initiative by Nanfor, in collaboration with Microsoft, has a significant impact on improving the skills and capabilities of partners, which is crucial to remain competitive in the technology market. In addition, the teletraining modality promotes greater inclusion and flexibility for participants.


To date, subsidies have been obtained for Microsoft partners with the Community of Madrid, 924 participants (from both years) and with Conforcat , 148 participants (from both years). The partners that have obtained benefits from our collaboration are:

  • Open Information Systems
  • Rural Insurance Group
  • Goodjob Foundation
  • Kaizen Networks
  • Birchman Consulting
  • Zertia Telecommunications
  • Infoavan Solutions
  • Avanade
  • RedCom Cyber
  • Airplane Solutions
  • Business Analytics Partners
  • Centria Technology
  • Flytech
  • Risc Informatics
  • Dynamics Quality Services
  • IFEU
  • 3Dthinks
  • Passionate

Now with the new microcredit offer we are going to help partners and their employees again!

For information on obtaining funds and training benefits, write to us at or send us a WhatsApp message at +34685600591


This effort by Nanfor demonstrates its continued commitment to education and professional development in the technology sector, benefiting not only Microsoft partners but also the technology ecosystem in general.

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