Nanfor and Andaira sign an agreement to distribute e-learning courses with Nanfor's exclusive "Always by your side" methodology

Distribution agreement with respected Spanish ICT training company Andaira

Madrid Spain

Nanfor and Andaira sign an agreement to distribute e-learning courses with Nanfor's exclusive "Always by your side" methodology

In a strategic alliance aimed at transforming the landscape of training in information and communication technologies (ICT), Nanfor, a leader in the development of training solutions and consulting services, has announced a collaboration agreement with Andaira , a renowned IT company. ICT training.

This agreement will facilitate the distribution of 100% rebateable e-learning courses, using Nanfor's innovative and exclusive methodology called " Always by your side ."

Nanfor's " Always by your side " methodology is distinguished by its focus on continuous student support, ensuring a personalized educational experience tailored to the needs of each participant. This methodology has been designed to overcome the challenges of distance learning, providing constant support and monitoring that enrich the learning process.

Rafael Cediel, CEO of Andaira, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration:

"This alliance with Nanfor Ibérica marks an important milestone for us. Nanfor's 'Always by your side' methodology will transform the learning experience of our students, allowing them to get the most out of ICT training. We are excited by the opportunity to offer this experience unique educational to a broader audience."

Javier Lozano, leader of Nanfor, also shared his perspective on the agreement:

"The integration of our exclusive 'Always by your side' methodology into the courses offered through Andaira is a step forward in our goal of providing cutting-edge and accessible education. This collaboration will not only expand the reach of our innovative methodology, but It will also reinforce our position as pioneers in the technology education sector."

The agreement between Andaira and Nanfor includes a diverse selection of e-learning courses that cover various aspects of ICT, all of them subsidized, making them especially advantageous for companies and professionals interested in maximizing their investment in training. With this initiative, both companies aspire to establish new standards of excellence and accessibility in technological training, contributing significantly to professional and skills development in the workplace.

To learn more about the courses available and how they can benefit your career or business journey, visit the Andaira and Nanfor websites.

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