Following the agreement reached between Nanfor and ExecuTrain Mexico, we are working to promote the learning methodology in e-learning format with instructor assistance in Latin America, especially in Mexico.

One of the main advantages of this learning modality is that each student can achieve their certification objectives in a personalized way, with online access to the platform 24 hours a day, and with support and monitoring from certified instructors who resolve specific doubts. of the course.

But what do our clients think?

Francisco Chacón, Compaqi Product Leader, shares his experience using this methodology:

Course taken: AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

What did you like most about the self-study platform?

  • You have the flexibility and availability to enter at any time of the day, especially for people who have to comply with a work schedule

  • The platform is very user-friendly, easy to understand how it works, where the modules are. It is not a complicated platform

How would you describe the entire self-study course experience?

  • The experience was good, although you do have to organize yourself since there is a lot of information that helps you complement the course

  • The content is very good, a lot of content. The laboratories part is very good, as in Azure you need a lot of practice, if we only focused on the theoretical part you would not fully understand the concepts and the Nanfor platform has a section of pure laboratories, I really liked it

  • It is very good that you have instructors for doubts, you really have many resources available

How do you think this course will help your professional career?

  • Yes it will help me, currently in the company we are at a stage where on-premise projects are being migrated to the cloud, or adopting new direct projects in the cloud

  • This course gives me the tools to learn the concepts, or investigate particular issues of each resource, service or technology.

Would you recommend the product?

  • Yes, I recommend it, the user experience is good, it has many resources for you to study, videos, text, laboratories, etc.

  • If you have any problem, you can contact the Nanfor team

  • What I liked the most was the flexibility part, if you are a person with a reduced schedule, you can access the platform at any time

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  • The content is very good, enough for you to fulfill your certification
You can find more information about our methodology and Microsoft courses here , in addition to the AZ-104 certification: Microsoft Azure Administrator .

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