Testimony What was the main reason for choosing the Self-Study with Instructor Support modality?

Following the agreement reached between Nanfor and ExecuTrain Mexico, we are working to promote the learning methodology in e-learning format with instructor assistance in Latin America, especially in Mexico.

One of the main advantages of this learning modality is that each student can achieve their certification objectives in a personalized way, with online access to the platform 24 hours a day, and with support and monitoring from certified instructors who resolve specific doubts. of the course.

But what do our clients think?


Javier Cintrón from Ciosoft shares his experience using this methodology:

Course taken: AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

What was the main reason for choosing the e-learning modality with instructor support?

That I could do it at my own pace and with three months of access. The fact that I could take the course at any time I wanted and the time they gave me to study it were the motivators for choosing this methodology.

What did you like most about the Nanfor Virtual Campus with instructor support?

As I became familiar I was able to advance in the course and the laboratories. In addition, all the help they have regarding doubts.

Have you taken courses in e-learning format before?

No, I had taken one or two day courses, online, but it is different. This was a more in-depth study.

How would you describe your experience during the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator course?

At first, I focused more on the theory and then doing the practices, however, I recommend that the participant do a mix so that they can learn more in practice from all the theory that is seen in the course.

Do you think that this course with this methodology will help you achieve your goal?
Yes because I wanted to know what Azure was. This already allowed me to get to know it, know all the services it offers and see how I can reach my clients who do not know about the cloud and explain to them what the benefits are. It did meet my goals of deploying and managing Azure.
What would be three benefits that you could indicate about the Self-Study with Instructor Support platform?
  1. Go at your own pace, which I consider to be the main thing, everyone can organize themselves, whether very early in the morning or at lunch time, especially for people like me who sometimes have a lot of work and other times not, who can organize my time.
  2. The three months they give you of access are enough, just taking into account that they do not rely on time, since it is a complex issue.
  3. The availability of Nanfor support. I was pleasantly surprised, it seems that they are attentive and answer questions quickly. You can see the availability and kindness to help you.
Would you recommend this type of course?
I do recommend the modality, above all, in this normality it is very convenient for people who work. I do recommend the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator course with this modality, as long as they have good system foundations.
You can find more information about our methodology and Microsoft courses here , in addition to the AZ-104 certification : Microsoft Azure Administrator .

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